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Aluminum MonoCar Do-It-Yourself Kit
Aluminum MonoCar Do-It-Yourself Kit
Aluminum MonoCar Do-It-Yourself Kit

Aluminum MonoCar Do-It-Yourself Kit

$ 6,975.00

**NOTE: Please consult our factory at to inquire on the availability and timeline for the Aluminum Italiano DIY kit before ordering.  Thank You.**

Our MonoCar DIY kit, comes with all of the components, parts and instructions you'll need to completely assemble the MonoCar Vintage Mini Racer on your own. When complete, your Vintage Mini Racer will look exactly like our #1 MonoCar shown here in beautiful matte finish aluminum (Decals not included, Knock-offs not included). Specifications for your MonoCar Kit are:

Interior Options:

  • Interior - Seat Color: Black or Camel (Camel shown in photographs)
  • Interior - Floorboard Carpet Color: Grey Burber or Black Burber
  • Steering Wheel: Standard Black Solid Core As Shown


Engine / Components:
  • Reliable 'Best-In-Class' GX-200 6.5HP Honda engine
  • 3.1 gallon tank fuel capacity
  • Clutch: Comet TAV2 constant velocity belt drive
  • Rear End: Peerless 100 Series differential
  • Brakes: Hydraulic rear disc, fabricated & QC'd at VKC facility



  • Overall Length = 100.5 inches
  • Overall Width = 44.25 inches
  • Wheel Base = 61 inches
  • Front Wheel Track = 38.5 inches
  • Rear Wheel Track = 38 inches
  • Height To Top Of Cowl = 29.5 inches
  • Height To Top Of Steering Wheel = 33.5 inches

  • Total Weight = 317 lbs
  • Top Speed = 45 MPH

  • MonoCar 'Rocket Nose' grill/hood design
  • Honda CT 90 17-inch, Raw 36-Spoke (Unpainted) Wheels
  • Michelin M62 Gazelle 2.75 x 17 Tires
  • Fully-Suspended Beam Front Axle
  • Removable Standard Steering Wheel For Easy Access
  • Removable side mirrors
  • Add custom items: wooden floorboard, wooden steering wheel and leather/stitched interior. Custom items are additional to base price listed. List your custom items in order notes.

Tools to assemble Vintage Mini Racer not included.